OutsourcingDesk.com’s specialized offshore social media marketing team offers a wide range of social networking, social bookmarking, social feedback, social analyticsservices. social media marketing services can be outsourced to a top ranked Indian offshore firm. We can help you increase customer satisfaction by providing 24×7 social media marketing services.

Offshore Social Media Marketing Services

Through Social Media marketing, we help you gain attention to your products and service, and increase website traffic to your site with a view to give a great visibility to your brand. We help build your client base and relationships.

  1. Social networking services
  2. Social bookmarking services
  3. Social search services
  4. Social Media Distribution
  5. Social shopping services
  6. Social feedback
  7. Blogging & social publishing
  8. Digital publishing services
  9. Online tools with a community

We promote your Social Media marketing business in the following ways

  1. Create Facebook Pages, Facebook Ad Campaigns, Facebook Deals etc
  2. Video Production and Management on YouTube
  3. Twitter Management(Daily Posting and Tweeting)
  4. Blog Design, Development and Optimization
  5. Profile Setup and Optimization on Social Media Sites
  6. Reputation Management and Monitoring
  7. Creating Contests, Coupons and Sweepstakes on social media
  8. News Post Creation
  9. Press Releases

Benefits of outsourcing social media marketing services

Offshore outsourcing social media marketing Services helps you to save costs, focus on core businesses and meet the needs of the customers.

The benefits of social marketing services includes increased visitor traffic footprint in the least time frame, easy conversion, sales tracking, achieve increased page views, better brand awareness, positive brand association, broader target customer reach, building brand online, reducing traditional advertising expenditure, targeting focused customer groups and getting valuable feedback from customers.

Why OutsourcingDesk – Outsource social media marketing services

OutsourcingDesk is a top ranked offshore social media marketing outsourcer company in Bangalore, India providing business transformation processes in social media marketing . Partner with the best performance based social media marketing outsourcing off-shore firm to take advantage of the increased global competition and good trends in outsourcing social media marketing services.

At OutsourcingDesk, we understand that satisfied customers form the core of any great offshore outsourcing project. Our offshore social media marketing services team is committed to work with you as your social media marketing services partner to help you realize your business goals.

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